Becoming the Area and Club Director was not an easy decision. One could say that leaving the best job you ever had, which provides financial stability for you and your family, is absurd. Yet that is exactly what my family and I decided to do. The FCA Soccer Club now has 8 teams, 8 coaches, along with approximately 150 young athletes.

Becoming closer to God and helping our athletes do the same through our staff and coaches is something that I am praying to see. I am honored to be able to help my community in the East Valley in a manner I whole heartly needed when I was young. I am a product of an FCA event. I attended a camp offered for my college men’s soccer program. At that event I felt the Holy Spirit and accepted that God loved me regardless of how broken I thought I was or how unworthy I felt. I see myself in a lot of our kids who come from broken homes and have limited resources to get from point A to point B. I am proud that FCA brought Jesus to my home, and is still working to bring Jesus to homes throughout our valley.

Thanks to God for speaking to me through the FCA staff, I will be getting married soon. My relationship with God has grown and He continues to work through me in reaching young athletes in the East Valley.


A successful head coach of College of the Desert’s soccer team, Pato joins FCA as club Director for Eastern Valley. Your donation will help fuel his journey to impact young athletes.