COVID shutdowns shook the world with many unintended consequences. One of the most disheartening results of the shutdowns were the psychological issues many of our children endured. In FCA, we saw defeat and deflation while we tried to “rally the troops” virtually.

Fortunately, things are beginning to turn around and we have slowly returned to campus. My heart is with campus ministry! Interacting with student athletes in their element is something that instantly reminds me of my purpose.

Additionally, we are preparing to form student leadership groups at Desert Hot Springs High with FCA basketball being formed amongst middle and high school students in the same city.

This fall, we will return to EVERY campus in the valley, to impact EVERY coach, EVERY athlete, and EVERY community. It’s great to be back in Jesus name!

As of now, we have completely relaunched in Palm Springs High and 29 Palms High with multi-sport huddles. It is amazing to see hundreds of kids each week who are willing to forfeit lunch to come and fellowship with the Gospel.


Being able to share the Gospel with coaches and athletes has been an extreme blessing for Kephyan. Your contribution will help him continue.